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         Ready for your New Tattoo?  

Call, email, or stop by the shop to get started! When emailing it’s always helpful to provide the following information: 

● Name & phone number 

● A detailed description of your tattoo idea including size, body placement, style, and color or black and grey. Include any reference images that help convey your idea. 

● Do you have a specific artist you’d like to work with? 

●Are you working around existing tattoos? If so, include a photo. 

● Are you covering up an existing tattoo? If so, include a photo. 

● What days/times are you generally available?


● Remove the bandage and CLEAN your new tattoo within 24 hours. 

● Use gentle SOAP & WATER for cleaning. 

● Clean at least TWICE DAILY until fully healed, which should take ~2 weeks. 

DO NOT PICK scabs or take tattoo aftercare advice from others. 

DO NOT SUBMERGE in water, avoid direct sunlight and use clean sheets. 

● If you have questions or concerns, please call or stop by the shop.

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